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Indonesia 1977, Part 6 Teakwood Steam

Derek Huntriss had what he describes as 'his best ever trip' to Indonesia in 1977. You may like to compare what he saw with what I saw a year earlier in Java although he had less time available and also went to West and Norrth Sumatra. He and companion John Hunt very loosely attached to the Dorridge Travel Group which t hey used for cheap flights, the special train at Ambarawa and also to chase the train between Kediri and Pare. As you will see, he took every opportunity to do a bit of 'riding on the loco'.. I believe these pages will be of special interest to Indonesian enthusiasts who will be very grateful to Derek for making these pictures available. If you are one of them, please respect his copyright and thereby ensure that further such pages will appear from time to time. The "I" in the captions refers to webmaster RD who has actually written most of the captions after reference to Derek - a real role reversal as Derek has often done the same job for a number of books he has helped produce.

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North east Java contains several teakwood forests and the offcuts made excellent fuel for steam locomotives as an alternative to the bunker oil used elsewhere. All these pictures were taken on 3rd August 1977.

Going west from Surabaya along the north coast main line, the next shed with active steam was at Bojonegoro. Two years earlier, B5115 had been the immaculate pilot, now it had been retired:

However, steam continued in use on local trains between the two towns, C5108 being seen on arrival at Bojonegoro, probably with a local train from Cepu:

Afterwards C2835 was chased on a local train though open countryside near Kalitidu between Bojonegoro and Cepu:

Along the way, it passed over this splendid river bridge. The small boats are used to bring sand from the river bed which will be used for construction:

As always a small crowd of children gathered to gawp at the foreigners ('Belander' in those days, these days it is 'touris') and they had to be herded up at the vital moment:

This a close up of this unusual C28 at Cepu after arrival:

At Cepu, the C12s had previously worked the Blora branch line trains but were now restricted to shunting and trip workings to the nearby oil refinery and forestry depot. C1201 and C1218 were in the station yard. C1218 appears to be shunting the stock of the local mixed train from Bojonegoro which is shown above.

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Rob Dickinson