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Indonesia 1977, Part 2 The Central Javan Plains

Derek Huntriss had what he describes as 'his best ever trip' to Indonesia in 1977. You may like to compare what he saw with what I saw a year earlier in Java although he had less time available and also went to West and Norrth Sumatra. He and companion John Hunt very loosely attached to the Dorridge Travel Group which t hey used for cheap flights, the special train at Ambarawa and also to chase the train between Kediri and Pare. As you will see, he took every opportunity to do a bit of 'riding on the loco'.. I believe these pages will be of special interest to Indonesian enthusiasts who will be very grateful to Derek for making these pictures available. If you are one of them, please respect his copyright and thereby ensure that further such pages will appear from time to time. The "I" in the captions refers to webmaster RD who has actually written most of the captions after reference to Derek - a real role reversal as Derek has often done the same job for a number of books he has helped produce.

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As their train from the Bandung area rolled into Maos on 28th July 1977, Derek managed a grab shot of B5226 but knew he hadn't got it right. Even before the train stopped, he leapt off but in the heat of the day managed to forget to 'land running'. Picking himself and the camera up, there was still plenty of time to walk back, get this shot and then rejoin the train.

Class leader D52001 eases a mixed train for Banjar out of Kroja in the late afternoon of the same day, the line on the left leads to Purwokerto:

Afterwards, C2714 arrived out of the setting sun with a two coach train which is probably a local working from Cilacap. This locomotive was traditionally based not far away at Kutarjo:

This is a panoramic view of Purwokerto from the south, taken in the early morning of 29th July 1977. A CC50 is on the left, while a D52 blows off on a freight train waiting to depart. Between them can be seen the roof of the large 'Dipo Lok':

Returning to Kroja they photographed D52062 on the same working as the previous day, after which they boarded an overnight train to Madiun:

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Rob Dickinson