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PNKA Wallahs Part 9

This page is part of a series of pages by Tony Ford describing the Perusahaan Negara Kereta Api ca 1970.

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Diesel locomotives are the first to receive a viewing. All I will say is that there were, in 1971, about 280 diesel electric and diesel hydraulic locomotives in service in Indonesia of US and West and East German origin.

There are reported to be ten Ferrostaal diesel hydraulic railcars in service we only saw one, pictured here entering Solo Balapan station.

The electric locomotives in service all date from the 1925-1930 period and are used in and around Djakarta and on the line to Bogor.

There are four BBC Swiss units, two AEGs and six American Westinghouse.


The diesels shown are BB200, BB201, BB202 (all GEC USA), BB300, BB301 (Krupp, West Germany), C300 (East Germany), CC200 (GEC USA). Remarkably examples of all of these (except the C300, examples of which are in the Jakarta Railway Museum) survived active into the 21st century. Indonesian diesels have proved as relatively long lived as their steam predecessors. Just as steam locomotives may have been reboilered, many of them have been re-engined.

Rob Dickinson