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PNKA Wallahs Part 4

This page is part of a series of pages by Tony Ford describing the Perusahaan Negara Kereta Api ca 1970.

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All the C10 tank engines have been withdrawn from service. These were Sharp Stewarts with an 0-6-0T wheel arrangement. (These drawings were obtained from the PNKA headquarters. Durrant has used copies of the same drawings, scaled down, in his “PNKA Power Parade”.)

C11 2-6-0T engines are to be found in a large number of depots in Java and South Sumatra, and in a number of variations, including larger tanks. The oldest of this class was built in 1879 and is still going strong resplendent with a new coat of paint in June 1971 at Malang. Originally there were approximately 50 of these Hartmann built locomotives in Indonesia; over half are still in service.

The C12 two cylinder compound version of the C11 is not as common nowadays with only about 15 in service, although originally 43 were built. Like the C11 they are to be found with a number of variations. Almost all were built before 1900. C1220 was photographed at Tanahabang in Djakarta in contrasting condition to C1101 before.

The C13 is almost non-existent as survivors of the 0-6-0T Dept V Colonien ordered locomotives – the sole remaining example, C1302, was found rotting away at Sidotopo in June 1971. Nevertheless, the C22 class is of the same design.

0-6-0T C1406 was one of only two of its class found during tours of Java, lying in store at Semarang Gudeng, the other is on the right of the picture! This is a far cry from the 13 Beyer Peacock engines originally built.

Amazingly, all 20 of the Werkspoor C15 class 0-6-0T may have disappeared – one is said to be in service at Banjuwangi.

The C16 class, too, is not well represented. C1602 was the only one of its class to be found. This 0-6-0T from Hartmann was built in 1910.

The few remaining C17 0-6-0T locomotives can be found around Solo. C1702 can be seen here at Solo Balapan refuelling with oil residue from an open pit. C1705 stands idle at Gundih.

The sole superheated version of the C17 type, C1801 is normally located at Gundih, north of Solo. This 1908 locomotive was built by Hartmann.

Locomotives of the C19 class 0-6-0T are few and far between. Two were found – one at Gundih and one at Padang in West Sumatra – presumably all that survive. These Hartmann built locomotives date from around 1900. C1908 still bears its original Semarang Joana Stoomtram Mij number 108.


C10 - Michael Egan saw a derelict C10 at Madiun Works
C14 - Amazingly the C14s are the best preserved class in Java along with the B25s with three examples each.
C15 - C1510 survived at Banyuwangi at least until 1977 and C1507 was subsequently preserved.
C19 - several C19s were seen at work by later visitors at Tjepu, Kudus and Probolinggo.

Rob Dickinson