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PNKA Wallahs Part 3

This page is part of a series of pages by Tony Ford describing the Perusahaan Negara Kereta Api ca 1970.

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Henschel 0-4-0T B2301, the only example of its class is seen here pulling a train from Pare. This 1900 vintage tank locomotive was originally owned by the Kediri Stoomtram Mij.

Another lone survivor this one is a Hohenzollern 0-4-0Tr tram seen here on pumping duties at Bangil. B2401 was originally brought into service by the Malang Stoomtram Mij in 1900.

The B25 four cylinder rack and adhesion 0-4-2RT locomotives are usually found at Ambarawa, south of Semarang, although B2505 is seen here in June 1971 at the works in Madiun after a complete overhaul. These Esslingen built locomotives have a question mark over their future role now the rack line has been closed.

Another class which may have disappeared is the B26 0-4-0Tr tram. One said to exist at Pare was not seen during a visit there in June 1971.

The B27 tank engines are all based at Purwodadi. B2706 seen here with a supplementary water supply is working a roadside tram. These 0-4-2T Hartmann locomotives, built between 1912 and 1914 were originally owned by the Semarang Joana Stoomtram Mij.

The B50 2-4-0 Sharp Stewarts featured here are the oldest tender engines to be found in Indonesia; B5004 was built in 1880. The class was built before 1885 and still works the Ponorogo Slahung line south of Madiun, and can also be found (B5010) at Djatibarang near Tjirebon.

In Djakarta, the capital, at Rangkasbetung (B5132 here), Babat, Bodjonegoro and Tjepu are found the B51 two cylinder compound 4-4-0 Hanomag, Hartmann and Werkspoor locomotives, built between 1900 and 1910.

B52 0-4-0 ex-Semarang Cheribon Stoomtram Mij locomotives are still to be found along the north Javanese coast around Tegal (B5223 here) and Kudus. Originally there were 27 of these locomotives brought into service, about half remain.

Almost all of the B53 class 4-4-0 Hartmann and Werkspoor locomotives live on around Madiiun and Kertosono (B5304 here). They are a modernised, superheated version of the B51.

BB10 0-4-4-2T Mallet compound engines are to be found at Rangkasbetung and in the Bandjar area (BB1014 here). The Hartmann engines were built in 1899 and 1906 whilst the Schwartzkopff engines nos BB1013 1016 were built in 1907.


B25 - The rack at Ambarawa later re-opened for tourist operation and two of these locomotives are active today.
B26 - B2601 did still exist although it was later scrapped. I have never seen a colour picture of it other than static, cold outside the shed at Pare.

Rob Dickinson