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PNKA Wallahs Part 2

This page is part of a series of pages by Tony Ford describing the Perusahaan Negara Kereta Api ca 1970.

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There are reputed to be two B11 2-4-0ST in Java – at Jogjakarta – I have neither slide nor diagram of this saddle tank, nor of its predecessor the B10 which has now disappeared.

The first class you see is the B12. These shots were taken at the Wonokromo depot in June 1971. These Beyer Peacock and Werkspoor trams – “trems” in Indonesia – operate in the Surabaja area. All the "B" tram locomotives are of 0-4-0Tr wheel arrangement.

The 2-4-0T B13 class locomotives are to be found operating from a number of depots and are used mainly on shunting duties. B1305 here displays a fine Hanomag makers plate. My companion on a number of trips, Mike Egan can be seen on the extreme right on this shot of B1307 at Djatibarang. B1305 and B1310 are here standing outside the shed at Mojokerto in June 1971.

The B14 2-4-2T class has completely disappeared. There were originally 2 locomotives in this class of Beyer Peacocks for use between Djakarta and Bogor.

Here we have two B15 class trams – one in use at Pare on pumping duties and the other in store at Semarang Gudeng. 11 of this type of tram were built between 1896 and 1898 by the Hohenzollern Company.

We now have several B16 trams. B1601 and B1603 (at Mojokerto) were built by Backer and Rueb – the remainder, including B1607 at Semarang Gudeng, by the Hohenzollern Company – all were built just before 1900.

B1703 was the only tram of its class we saw active – built by Hohenzollern in 1897.

Another class to have fallen by the wayside is the B18. Although one locomotive is listed as being stationed at Tegal, the engineer at the depot was unaware of its existence.

Two of the original B19 trams built by Hohenzollern are still to be found on shunting duties at Blitar. One is seen here in the shed.

The B20 Beyer Peacocks built at the turn of the century are standing the test of time – about a dozen of the original 19 trams still survive.

These neglected B21 0-4-0T were traced to Mojokerto. Only three original locomotives built by Krauss between 1899 and 1901 still exist.

The B22 class 0-4-2T is still much in evidence in the Purwodadi area. B2210 is seen here shunting at Solo while B2214 receives a ‘spit and polish’ outside the locomotive depot at Gundih.


B10 - no later visitor ever saw a trace of a B10.
B11 - B1103 survived at Lempujangan until at least 1977 and was expected to be preserved, but it was scrapped.
B17 - several others were later seen active including B1706 and B1707.
B18 - no later visitor ever saw a trace of a B18.

Rob Dickinson