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Surviving Railway Cranes in Australia

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Chris Capewell (chriscapewell AT has provided the following data, he would greatly appreciate additions, corrections and confirmation for data with a yellow background.

We would welcome pictures of cranes in this list which can be used to illustrate the article.

Latest addition:

  • Several pictures by Robin R. Beck (9th November 2018)
  • TSSR Crane at Bellarine Railway, Victoria (29th June 2017)
  • Several pictures from Kevin Hoggett (search for 19th March 2017)
  • Tenterfield Museum J. Booth crane (28th June 2016)
  • Port Hedland WA, Hand crane (11th May 2016)
  • Pictures of Adelaide Port Dock Museum (24th March 2016)
  • Pictures of 1056 at Grafton, NSW (1st April 2015)
  • Pictures of Bucyrus Shovel at Whiteman Park, Perth (1st April 2015)
  • Several pictures from Kevin Hoggett (search for 26th November 2014)
  • Picture of Crane Tank working at Newport Works, Victoria (31st May 2014)
  • Priestman crane at HMAS Cerbeus, Victoria
  • Stephen Tolhurst's website regarding NSWGR X10 is now dead, if anyone hears of its replacement, please get in touch (8th October 2012)
  • Photos of cranes at Glenreigh, Hotham Valley, Richmond Vale and Enfield (10th July 2012)
  • Glenorchy, Hobart picture (19th February 2012)
  • Wyndham WA, information and pictures (11th February 2012)
  • Cockatoo Dockyard, Sydney (2nd November 2011)
  • NSWGR X10 links and a number of crane tanks. (26th October 2011)
  • Macquarie Harbour, Strahan, Tasmania (24th October 2011)

Crane Makers:

  • Appleby = Appleby Brothers, Southwark, London, UK
  • Bucyrus  = Bucyrus Company, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
  • CS = Cowans, Sheldon and Co, Ltd., Carlisle, UK.
  • Clarke, Chapman = Clarke, Chapman, Newcastle, UK
  • Coles = Coles Cranes, Sunderland, UK
  • Cravens = Cravens Bros., Reddish, Stockport, UK
  • Davis & Primrose = Davis & Primrose, Leith, UK
  • Dubs = Dubs & CVo., Glasgow, UK
  • Grafton = Grafton Cranes, Bedfrod, UK
  • Harman = Alfred Harman, Port Melbourne, Australia
  • Harmon = Harmon Crane and Rigging, Kalispell, Montana, USA
  • HL = Hawthorn Leslie, Newcastle, UK
  • Industrial Brownhoist = Industrial Brownhoist, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
  • Industrial Works = Industrial Works, Bay City, Michigan, USA
  • Jessop & Appleby = Jessop & Appleby, Leicester, UK
  • Krupp-Ardelt = Krupp-Ardelt, Wilhemshaven, Germany
  • Lloyds Foster = Lloyds Foster, Wednesbury, UK
  • Morris = Herbert Morris Ltd, Loughborough, England
  • Newport = Newport Works, Victorian Railways, Australia
  • Priestman = Priestman Brothers, Hull, UK
  • R&R = Ransomes and Rapier, Ipswich, UK
  • RS&H = Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns, Newcastle, UK
  • Ruston Hornsby = Ruston & Hornsby, Lincoln, UK.
  • S&P = Stothert and Pitt, Bath, UK
  • Tangye = Tangye Brothers, Birmingham, UK
  • Taylor & Hubbard = Taylor & Hubbard, Leicester UK
  • TSSR = Thomas Smith and Sons (Rodley) near Leeds, UK
  • VF = Vulcan Foundry, Newton le Willows, UK
Railways and Others
  • BHP-N = Broken Hill Proprietary, Newcastle NSW
  • NSWGR = New South Wales Government Railway
  • PWD = Public Works Department
  • QR = Queensland Railways
  • SAR/SAGR = South Australian (Government) Railway
  • TR/TGR = Tasmanian (Government) Railway
  • USATC = United States Army Transportation Corps
  • VR = Victorian Railways
  • WAGR = Western Australia Government Railway

Each entry is arranged as follows after the location::

Number Railway Gauge Diesel, Electric
and, Steam
Capacity in tons Wheels Works Number Comments

Capital Territory (link dead by 12th April 2018)
Canberra Railway Museum, Kingston

Lo55 NSWGR SG S to D 35T 6-4W R&R B7392/1914 later no. 1055, delivered with excavator bucket for coaling, converted to diesel 1972 See
(link now dead)

New South Wales

The NSWGR had a special class 'X10' for leftover locomotives which included steam cranes and crane tanks - hence the many 10xx numbers below - - link dead - for an introduction (added 26th October 2011, as were a number of links below to individual pages).
Cowra, Lachlan Valley Railway

LC1157 NSWGR SG D 15T 6W CS /1909  Nno. L456,  hand converted to Diesel? Possibly one of CS 3042-44/1908-9 (diagram 7065 ) for NSWGR
-?- 3T 4W coaling crane, Australian manufacture
1059 NSWGR SG S 5T Harman 1918 Lo34, operational. Picture 
See also
(link now dead) link broken 5th April 2019
Dorrigo Railway Museum

178 PTC of NSW SG H 3?T 4W Tangye ?/18??
Lo09 NSWGR SG S 30T 2-6-2W Cravens.9158/1911 later no. 1050, see
(link now dead)
Lo36 NSWGR SG S 5T 4W Harman 1918 later no. 1061 Coal Grab, see
(link now dead)
1075 NSWGR SG S 4T 4W Grafton 2192/1923  workshops crane / converted to coal crane 1934 see
(link now dead)
1070 NSWGR SG S 7T 4W Coles/1928
(link now dead)
1081 NSWGR SG S 50T 4+4W Industrial Brownhoist /1944 ex USATC, see
(link now dead)
X63 PTC of NSW SG D 3T 4W  Taylor & Hubbard ?/1953
-?- Hexham Engineeringr SG S 3?T 4W Appleby ?/19??
LC 1060 NSWGR SG S to D 120T 6+6W Krupp-Ardelt 204311/1957 converted to Cummins diesel 1991, see
(link now dead)
1052 NSWGR SG S 7T 0-4-0CT HL 3035/1914
(link now dead)
1067 NSWGR SG S 7T 0-4-0CT HL 3564/1923 Dismantled, see
(link now dead)
1067 NSWGR SG S 7T 0-4-0CT HL 3565/1924 Jib transferred to 1052. See
(link now dead)

This is a picture of the chassis of 1050 at Glenreigh in 1995 by Jeff Mullier (added 10th July 2012):

This picture of 1081 taken in Nov 2010 is © Brian Garvin:

Eveleigh, Advanced Technology Park

1083 NSWGR SG S 1T 0-40CT RS&H 7543/1950
(link now dead) and

This 2007 picture by Ray Gardiner shows 1083 stored inside, it is now displayed outside:


-?- ? ? S 7T 4W Clarke, Chapman
1072 NSWGR SG S to D 70T 2-6-2W Cravens 12030+12031

converted to diesel 1971, reported here by 9th January 2010. See
(link now dead)

1076 NSWGR SG S 0-6-0T VF 995/1885 0-6-0T, converted to crane with jib of 1027 in 1937, converted back 1959. See
(link now dead) and

This is a picture of 1072 whilst still in storage at Delec at Enfield in 2000 by Jeff Mullier (added 10th July 2012):

Grafton Depot

Lo56 NSWGR SG S to D 35T 6-4W R&R B7392/1914 later no. 1056, converted. to diesel 1974?, stored oou, awaiting decision, 2005. (link now dead) Still present 19th June 2014

These pictures are courtesy of Maurie Rowe (19th June 2014) per John Kramer (added 1st April 2015):
Junee Roundhouse Museum

1080 NSWGR SG  S 50T 4+4W Industrial Brownhoist,  7504/1944 ex USATC to NSWGR 7/47, in use / steamable. See
(link now dead)

Port Kembla Heritage Park

- PWD, NSWGovt S 30T CS / 1901 Travelling Tripod Blocklayer

This picture taken in Nov 2010 is © Brian Garvin:
Richmond Vale

2 BHP-N SG S 60T 4+4W Industrial Works 2967/1913
5 BHP-N SG S 15T 4+4W Industrial Works  4146/1920
4 BHP-N SG D 5T 4W Coles / ?
1073 NSWGR SG S to D 70T 2-6-2W Cravens 12030+12031
converted to diesel 1968. See
(link now dead)

This picture of 1073 taken in Nov 2010 is © Brian Garvin:

Kevin Hoggett's picture of the same crane in 2014: (26th November 2014)

This is a picture of 1073 unloading the bogies of ex BHP Newcastle Treadwell hot metal car in 2002 by Jeff Mullier (added 10th July 2012):

This is Kevin Hoggett's picture of 4 in 2014: (26th November 2014)

These are Kevin Hoggett's picture of 2 and 5 in 2014: (26th November 2014)
Hunter Valley Railway Trust (Rothbury Riot Museum), Branxton

? Collection to move, all or in part?, to Lithgow in due course, Information required please. One of the small cranes ( uncertain which? ) has moved to Richmond Vale Railway, at Pelaw Main, early 2015.

Lo07 NSWGR SG S 30T 4+4W CS 3012/1908 later no. 1048, see
(link now dead)
Said to have been sold to the Dorrigo Railway museum but still on site here.
1662 NSWGR SG D ?4T 4W Taylor & Hubbard/1940s? ex Chullora Works
2150 NSWGR SG S 3T 4W Grafton 2150/1925 ex Chullora Works
2151 NSWGR SG S 3T 4W Grafton 2150/1925 ex Chullora Works (jib carries P1010)

This is the Cowans Sheldon crane in Nov 2010 © Brian Garvin
Sydney Harbour Federation Trust, Cockatoo Dockyard

62 Cockatoo Dockyard SG S 1T 4W ?TSSR /?1890s
-?- Cockatoo Dockyard BG S ?5T 4W ? /?1890s Quayside
-?- Cockatoo Dockyard Fixed S ?4T -- Morts Dock /1891
7 3ft or 3ft 6" Davis & Primrose 1912 Lacks boiler

Bob McKillop has provided the pictures below from an October 2010 visit. He has also provided a set of pictures of the rail mounted dockside cranes which are preserved here )which are strictly not part of this project but are well worthy of some publicity).

7 as restored:

Morts Dock Crane and Boiler
Sydney, Powerhouse Museum, Castle Hill Discovery Centre

1082 NSWGR SG S 1T 0-40CT RS&H 7542/1950
(link now dead) and link found broken on 27th October 2017
Tenterfield Railway Museum (added 28th June 2016)

There's a J Booth No. 3 crane preserved here, not steam but it looks interesting, there's no mention of it on the museum's website.: (Link broken by 1st November 2018)
Thirlmere, New South Wales Rail Transport Museum

Lo39 NSWGR SG S 3T 4W Harman 1918 later no. 1064, see
(link now dead)
L1321 NSWGR SG H 10T 6W CS 1327/1884 one of three for Sydney & Paramatta Rly., latterly at Moree, nicknamed 'HERNIA'.
30 BHP, Port Kembla SG D 70/80T 4+4W Brownhoist /ca 1960
1034 NSWGR SG S 4T 0-4-0CT Dubs 2250/1866 See and
(link now dead)
(1077) NSWGR SG S 4T? 0-6-0T ex 0-6-0CT VF 944/1884 Carries the original 1803. Converted to CT and renumbered 1937, converted back 1945.
(link now dead) and

This is Kevin Hoggett's 2014 picture of 1034 and L1321 (added 26th November 2014):


Claremont, Blair Athol Coal Mine

1927 Ruston No. 6 crawler mounted revolving steam shovel.

Cloncurry, Mary Kathleen Memorial Park

-?- QR 3'6" H 7T 4+4W ? / 189?
Ipswich Railway Museum, The Workshops Rail Museum

4 QR 3'6" D 16T 4+4W Krupp-Ardelt /1967
-?- QR 3'6" D 40T 6+6W CS 128/1961
Kunkala, Rosewood Railway Museum

5665 QR 3'6" H 3?/5T 4W CS 1078/1881
431 QR 3’6” S 15T 6-4W R&R B7114/1914
1 QR 3'6" D 16T 4+4W Krupp-Ardelt /1967
Swanbank, Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway

5666 QR 3'6" H 2T 4W  CS 10??/1881

Northern Territory

Darwin, Palmerston

34?? SAR(N) 3'6" H ?5/10T 6W CS 1407/1885 now four wheel, no jib

South Australia
Adelaide, Port Dock, National Railway Museum

3 SAR 3'6" S to D 60T 4+4W CS 4470/1925 converted to 5'3" 1929, converted to diesel ?1972
old no.3 / 2327 SAR 5'3" H 5T 4W CS 1129/1881

These are Chris Appleby's pictures from January 2016 (added 24th March 2016):

Goolwa  (added 26th November 2014)

SAR (?) 5'3" (?) H 4W "on a welded frame which appears recent"

This is Kevin Hoggett's 2014 picture:
Mount Barker, Steamranger Heritage Railway

? SAR 5'3" H ?5T 4W SAR Islington Works / 1921?

Port Augusta, Homestead Park, Pioneer Museum (Reported by Kevin Hoggett in 2014 as being "plinthed in Max Cranes and Euipment Hire alongside the main road."

3 CR/SAGR SG S 30T 8W R&R B6879/1913 Imported via Agents - John Birch and Co., via Leslie and Co., Perth, W.A.

These are Kevin Hoggett's 2014 pictures (added 26th November 2014):
Quorn, Pichi Richi Railway

4887 SAR(PL) 3'6" H 5T 4W CS 3242/1913 Departmental withdrawn 8/1970 ) unsprung yard crane ex Port Lincoln Division.
Robinvale Rural Life Museum, S. A.

Hawke, Kapunda, S.A., approx 3'6" gauge, 4W, ?5T, self propelled diesel powered conversion of hand crane, ex Euston Weir, Murray River Commissioners

Tasmanian Railway Museum, Glenorchy

1 TR 3'6" H 5T 4W S&P ? /c.1888 

These 2011 pictures are courtesy of John Kramer:
Don River Railway, Devonport

6 TGR 3'6" H 10T 4+4W CS 1552/1887 CS diagram 2205

This is Kevin Hoggett's 2017 picture.- 19th March 2017

Hobart, Constitution Dock, Tasmanian Heritage Council

Quayside crane, broad gauge, 8W, Jessop and Appleby / 1906, see James Parnell adds that it was last used in 1954 according to government boiler records.

These are Kevin Hoggett's 2017 pictures:.- 19th March 2017

Macquarie Harbour, Strahan (added 24th October 2010)

3'6" Grafton 387 ca 1892 Derelict

This is Kevin Hoggett's 2017 picture:.- 19th March 2017

James Parnell adds that it was last used in about 1957. These are James Day's photographs:


Bellarine Railway, Queenscliff Victoria 3225

30 WAGR 3'6" S 10T 6W TSSR 8107/1912-3? 

Later converted to 1T coaling grab, 50' jib.

Picture courtesy of Richard Pelham, June 2017. 
Lake Goldsmith, Lake Goldsmith Steam Preservation Society near Beaufort.

-?- VR 5'3" S 5T 4W TSSR /192? 
-?- VR 5'3" H 6T 4W Lloyds Foster, ?/1879
Ruston Hornsby, /1923 No. 4 Australian Portland Cement Company Limited, Fyansford (Geelong) Quarry, Face Shovel
Bucyrus / 1903 model 65C rail mounted non-rotating steam shovel. Formerly at Geelong,
- link broken 1st November 2018
These two links were broken by 25th October 2016
Echuca Historic Wharf

K279 VR 5'3" H ?2T 4W ?Rawlings, Melbourne 1874

HMAS Cerbeus - Navy Steam Club (22nd June 2013)

A991 5'3" S 3T 4W Priestman

The crane was originally purchased in 1912 by the Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence for the Naval Forces of the Commonwealth to be utilised in the construction of the Flinders Naval Base (now called HMAS Cerberus). It was used on a steel tramway of Irish Gauge (5’3”) which ran along the wharf at the base and assisted in the building of the base (the base was commissioned in 1921).

The crane was sold by the Commonwealth Disposal Commission by Auction on 28 August 1946. It was purchased by Feiglin Timber Merchants and used in their Yard in Nunawading, Victoria to load timber. It was then on sold sometime in the late 1980’s to a steam enthusiast Tod Watson, who displayed the crane at his Machinery and Steel Yard in Echuca, Victoria. He moved his business (and crane) to Albury in the early 2000’s.

Melbourne, Yarraville Sugar Refinery, Sugar Australia

SACo ? E 2T 4W Jessop & Appleby ?/ca.1909
Spotswood, Melbourne, Scienceworks Museum

Z526 VR 5'3" S 0-6-0T ex 0-6-0CT Newport 1893  Converted to CT 1903 and converted back again 1983 (link amended 16th October 2013)
North Williamstown, Newport

19 VR 5'3" S 60T 4+4W Newport 1942

Ordered circa 1929 from Cowans, Sheldon, based on 1925 LNER 45 Ton bogie-type upgraded to 60 Tons, as needed for the new VR larger locos. Drawings and castings sent out; with structural components to be supplied by Newport Works. Construction cancelled due to depression. Remained un-built until WW2.

36 VR 5'3" S 5T 4W TSSR 11003/1929  Withdrawn 1981, supplied via Agents - Gibson, Battle, Melbourne
73 VR 5'3" H 6T 4W Lloyds Foster, /1879
K??? VR 5'3" H ?2T 4W Rawlings, Melbourne 1890 ex Geelong Loco. Depot
2 VR 5'3" S 5T 0-6-0CT Dubs 2711/1890

Pictures of TSSR 11003 are courtesy of Robin R. Beck

This picture of crane tank 2 at work was taken by Bob Wilson at Newport Works, ca 1963 (added 31st May 2014):

Western Australia
Bassendean Railway Museum, Perth

3 WAGR 3’6” S 10T 6W R&R 773/1897 Unsprung yard crane, ex Midland Works.
7 WAGR 3’6” H 7T 6W CS 2073/1896

PWD -?- Hand crane, possibly R&R, ex Freemantle Wharf, jib marked HR (upArrow) PWD, upper works only

Boulder Station Museum

? ? ? S ?T 4W Ruston Proctor Steam Shovel

Pictures are courtesy of Robin R. Beck (link dead by April 2015)
Boyanup Museum of Transportation and Rural Industries

-?- unidentified steam ( travelling or platform? ) crane, 3T, stated as ex Bunbury Yard.
PWD 43 WAGR-PWD 3'6" S 2.5T 4W TSSR 20347/1952?

Pictures of 20347 below are courtesy of Robin R. Beck

Dardanup Heritage Park

The gallery shows they have some nicely restored stationary steam engines. (, but the website doesn't mention these cranes!

? WAGR-PWD? 3'6" S ?T 4W TSSR 5141/1896
29 WAGR 3'6" S 10T@15T 6W TSSR 8101/1912 Set up for 1T coaling grab; 50' lattice jib

Pictures are courtesy of Robin R. Beck, 5141 upper, 8101 lower. The item behind the first crane a 2 barrel winch, not a crane.

Esperance Museum

-?- ? 3'6" s ?T 4W Grafton ????/19??

Pictures are courtesy of Robin R. Beck
Pemberton Tramway

31 WAGR 3'6" S to D-CA 60T 6+6W CS 9712/1953 converted to diesel/compressed air operation retaining original cylinders, in daily use

Pilbarra, Marble Bar

-?- dumped crane, possibly TSSR.
Pinjarra, Hotham Valley Railway

26 WAGR 3'6" S 5T 6W R&R 6307/1912 One of an order for 3 cranes (numbered by batch)
23 WAGR 3'6" S 25T 2-6-2W Cravens.9221/1912 for Agent General WA

See the ‘bottom’ end of this entry ……. - link broken 1st November 2018

This is a picture of 23 at Hotham Valley in 1995 by Jeff Mullier (added 10th July 2012):
Perth, Whiteman Park

H Inglis 1855
SG ?T 4W Bucyrus 14B / 68267A c. 1910? Steam Shovel

These are Kevin Hoggett's 2017 pictures:.- 19th March 2017

The shovel is stated, but not confirmed, to have been used on Trans Australia Railway construction, Whiteman Collection, owned by the Western Australian Planning Commission

This is Kevin Hoggett's 2017 picture:.- 19th March 2017

These pictures from 25th May 2014 are courtesy of John Kramer (1st April 2015):

Port Headland, BHP

-?- WAGR 3'6" H 7T 6W CS 2075/1896

Port Hedland (added 11th May 2016)

Don Rhodes Mining and Transport Museum

This picture is courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (see link above):


Wyndham, site of disused Vestey Meat Packing Works

-?- PWD 3’6” S ?5T 4W Jessop & Appleby No recent reports
-?- PWD 3’6” S ?3T 4-4W? Morris No recent reports

These 1992 pictures are courtesy of Jeff Austin, left Jessop & Appleby, right Morris.:

Thanks to:

Chris West, Chris Appleby, Ivor Harding, Brian Garvin, Brian Manktelow, Ray Schofield, Dave Rollins, Ron Fluck, Ian Barkla, Brian Williams, Ray Ellis, Stephen Tolhurst (see his website regarding NSWGR X10 (link now dead)), Bruce Evans, Bruce Ward, Jeff Austin.

Rob Dickinson