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Steam Holiday in New Zealand 2002

In October 2002, I accepted an invitation from John Raby to take advantage of his temporary posting to New Zealand to have a look at the steam scene there. To make the report manageable, I have subdivided it into sections. All pictures here were taken on my digital camera, which certainly makes life a lot easier for preparing web pages and the results are more than acceptable too. Special thanks are due to John not just for his hospitality, but for all the hard work he put in researching the visit to optimise opportunities and also the various people in the sites we visited who were universally welcoming, enthusiastic and helpful. 

There are separate pages on:

Steam Holiday on South Island, New Zealand 2002 (updated 15th March 2003)

Steam Holiday on North Island, New Zealand 2002  (updated 12th December 2002)

Mainline Steam on South Island, New Zealand 2002 

Mainline Steam on North Island, New Zealand 2002 

The Kingston Flyer 

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